Monday, August 11, 2008

Five Minute Vacation

In my mind, everything comes down to travel--and the easier and cheaper the better. So when I saw an article titled "The 5- Minute Vacation," I had to check it out. With the amount of money and time I have available right now, a 5-minute vacation may be all I can manage.

The article talks about how our bodies are designed for intermittent, not constant stress, and that even taking little mini breaks can be good for us. Their recommendations: Post pictures of your vacation on your computer, so you can relive the experience. Talk about your vacation to your friends and family, so the experience lodges in your brain. Spend time outdoors, as you probably did on vacation, and recreate the sounds of vacation, i.e., listen to a tape of ocean waves. And breathe deep. Breathing deep alerts your mind that you want to relax. Their last suggestion was to recreate the scents of vacation. Not sure how to do that one!

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