Saturday, June 5, 2010

Love Letter To The Gulf

The oil spill is so sad for many reasons--environmental, economic, and just plain emotional.
Many of us have never lived along the gulf, but have vacationed over the years at the beaches with the world's whitest sand and feel it to be ours.

Waiting is hard--no one knows yet how bad the oil is going to be if and when it does reach Destin and surrounding beaches. It could happen at any minute. It has already reached Pensacola. TV reports show tarballs on the beach there, but people enjoying themselves anyway. I guess that could change tomorrow.

Also hard is knowing that those who live there are going to be negatively impacted economically, amounting to a double whammy in this already tenuous economic time.

Dear Gulf, I wish I were there now. I miss your white sand, your clear, sparkling water, invigorating sea air, your seashells, your seagulls, and yes even your occasional seaweed and, gulp, jellyfish. The dolphins in the morning and late afternoon. Your calm demeanor, but also your very strong waves when storms kick up. Hoping things stay this way. Sending good thoughts your direction; we'll keep a vigil. And we won't buy BP gas.

Follow this link to read a wonderful CNN iReport titled "Dear Gulf, I'll Miss You," written a few weeks ago. The author, a local, fears the region will never be the same.

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